Monday, 2 April 2012

Some Spring Loveliness :)

Tulips on the allotment...

...tulips in the garden!

Beautiful white blossom spotted on dog walk...

Cute little rare breed lambys :)

Our first tomato seedling!

And some lovely etsy finds on the theme of Spring is soft...  Enjoy!


  1. Oh my, that Etsy hedgehog is adorable (and the donkey)! And so are the rare breed lambs. We have lambs in the field behind us and I love to watch them wandering along the fence, peeping through! So cute.

  2. Thanks for commenting Mrs Pink!

    I love watching little lambs too - the way they jump in the air with all four feet is soooo adorable :)

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my tea cosy in your lovely spring treasury! Hope you have a lovely Easter x

  4. Thank you! i plan to eat lots of chocolate :) )

    Your tea cosy is truly beautiful x

  5. Happy Easter Natalie - and many thanks for choosing us to be in your Treasury.

    1. Happy Easter to you too :)

      Your heart brooch is so cute!


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