Thursday, 5 April 2012

Beach Combing and Book Giveaway

Yesterday i stumbled upon a wonderful blog written by talented textile designer, Jenny Arnott and was greatly inspired by her most recent post where she offers her readers the opportunity to WIN A COPY OF 'SEASIDE HOME', a new seaside sewing book (part of the design collective by Stash Books) which includes a tutorial written by Jenny on how to make a beach-hut cushion along with lots of other seaside themed sewing projects. The book (shown here with Jenny's permission) looks fab.

I absolutely love anything to do with the seaside especially when it involves one of my other great loves - cushions!

My 'Wherever i roam the ocean calls me home' Cushion
My Angel Fish and Seahorse Cushions

...and its always great to look at lovely photos of other people's creations and read up on tips and techniques.

To enter the draw and be in with a chance of winning this lovely book you need to leave a comment on her blog post saying WHAT YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT THE SEASIDE (the competition is open internationally and will close on Easter Monday the 9th of April at 7pm UK time).

I had a good think about my answer to the question...  there are so many things i love about being by the sea! While i was mulling it over i put together this fabulous collection of beachy items from etsy...

i love the all! and by the time i'd put the treasury together i was ready to write my comment for Jenny's blog...

"BEACH COMBING: I love treasure hunts, and beach combing is treasure hunting in paradise! with the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, the taste of salt on your lips, the sand between your toes and the beauty of the uninterrupted ocean horizon... there are few things in life as wonderful!"

I hope she likes it! I also get an extra chance in the competition by blogging about it so fingers crossed :)

p.s. the book is available to buy - US readers here, UK readers here.


  1. That is a wonderful opportunity, Thank you so much for sharing. Your pillows are amazing! All the best to you and your shop.

    1. Thanks Ana! That's lovely of you to say :)

  2. Thank you so much for entering and blogging about my giveaway Natalie, good luck :) I love your beach treasury as well, the images are so peaceful and calming. It reminds me of beach combing on an empty beach first thing in the morning, when the sun is just starting to warm up... perfect! Jenny x

    p.s I see you live near Bath, where abouts? I'm based in Bruton, Somerset so not too far away really!

    1. Thanks Jenny! :)

      I know, choosing these items put me in a lovely mellow mood... the magic of the seaside!

      I live about half way between Bath and Chippenham so about an hour from you i guess...? Do you sell your work anywhere in Bath?

  3. Your seahorse cushion is lovely and so is your treasury. The seaside is so special isn't it - is it because we liv on an island? It's the smell, the wind in your hair and the lovely sleep you always have after visiting because of all the fresh air.

    1. thank you! :)

      hmmm.. maybe you're right and living on a island does have something to do with the pull of the ocean... i love the sea air too (apparently its full of positive ions which are v good for us!)

      thanks for sharing your thoughts :) x

  4. Your cushions are wonderfully creative and I LOVE your treasuries! I am inspired to create some more of my own.

    Denise Chiaroscuro di Luna Designs


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