Friday, 30 March 2012

I'm On Pinerly!


I'm a big fan of Pinterest, the pin-board sharing site that's currently sparking a great deal of interest due to its rapid ascendancy in the social media world (click here for some statistics on the Pinterest phenomenon)

For me, facebooking and tweeting pales in comparison to the fun that's to be had pinning, browsing and discussing images on Pinterest so i was most intrigued to hear of a new site called 'Pinerly' which claimed to offer a whole new level of satisfaction and enjoyment from your Pinterest experience. Pinerly is not affiliated with Pinterest but its creators say they are big fans of the site.

Like Pinterest, Pinerly is 'invite only' - they are using a crafty marketing strategy to publicise the site by encouraging you to reduce the waiting time for your invite by getting friends to join up too through your personal link - when one person has joined through your link you get on the waiting list, when five have joined you get an 'early invite', and when ten have clicked through on your link you'll be eligible for some 'special privileges'.

Of course this induced in me the required impatience - within a couple of days the help of ten lovely people had resulted in Pinerly emailing me with assurances of my early invite and rewards, but they also explained that in order to make the required improvements to the site as it developed (it was then only a week old) i would still be in for a bit of a wait.

Two weeks passed and to be honest i all but forgot about Pinerly - until today when i finally got invite in to the site!

So here is a sneak peak of all that i've discovered so far for my fellow Pinterest fans (Ok, addicts :) )

There is a brief introduction:

Pinerly is a tool for Pinterest. We founded Pinerly to help fill the gaps we found when marketing ourselves on this terrific traffic driving platform.
With Pinerly you are able to graphically measurereal-time click throughs, likes and re-pins for "campaigns" created through Pinerly. These valuable metrics help you understand what works and doesn't and finally take control.
With time, Pinerly will continue to improve the depth of its metrics and automation tools. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive analytics dashboard available on the web.

And these icons on the dashboard:


When you click on 'Campaign' you are given the choice to upload and image from your computer or to lift it off a web page (my website would not let Pinerly in so i took mine off etsy). You then put the URL you want the pin to link to in a box, and your pin description. You then click on a button to 'Pinerly it' (yes!) and the usual Pinterest box comes up where you choose a board for the pin.

The differences with the pin itself that i've noticed so far is that the link that sometimes appears at the bottom of a pin saying the site it came from now says 'Pinerly', and a click takes you to Pinerly's website. This is usually the only working link to your item apart from clicking on the image so this seemed like a bit of a loss, but on the other hand the web addresses that i put in my description are now working links (a recent Pinterest development).

Back on the Pinerly dashboard you can click on 'Pinalytics' to see the 'clicks', 'likes', 're-pins' and 'reach' of your pin within a couple of user friendly graphics.

The other functions are related to finding pins and pinners of interest. The 'Suggested' button takes you to a page of suggested pins where you can choose from these headings:


...and you can continue to click through the images that come up until you find one you like.

The 'Follow' button shows you pages of some 'interesting pinners' under these categories:


...I've only checked out a few but they are indeed interesting - some with hundreds of thousands of followers! (like this one belonging to Jessica Colaluca, creator of Designs Seeds)

So there you have it, a brief(ish) introduction to Pinerly! I have yet to see if it will improved my Pinterest experience - i suspect that the Pinalytics function will be a useful little gadget and i look forward to seeing what else the developers come up with as the site progresses...

Happy pinning all! (you can see my first Pinerly pin here btw :) )


Just received news from Pinerly of my 'special privileges'... and they're good!! :)

They are going to add me to their list of suggested pages to follow! Yes, little old me amongst the Pinterest hight fliers with their hundreds of thousands of followers! (i'd better give my boards a bit of a Spring clean... i suddenly feel like the Queen is coming for tea!)

I need to provide some details about myself, and a photo and also the category i want to be placed under... i'm thinking Decor right now as that seems the best fit for all the art and crafty stuff i have on there although its really hard to decide as i have lots of nature photographs which don't really fit with 'decor'... perhaps i should go for 'random'... any thoughts welcome!

They are also giving me an 'unlimited number of campaigns' instead of the 5 they normally limit people to during their 'private beta tests'... AND they say that as they roll out more features i will continue to get special perks along the way - how exciting!

Thanks Pinerly!

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