Thursday, 29 March 2012

I'm On The Front Page Of Etsy Today!

Thanks to Shelley from Puddles And Pixies including me in her lovely treasury, my flowery bunting (which i featured in my Flowers Make Me Smile post earlier in the week) will be on the front page of UK Etsy ALL DAY! :)

You can see it listed in my Etsy shop here.

I hope any fellow crafters reading this take inspiration from the fact that this was the very first string of bunting i've made - you don't have to be a super experienced crafter to create something that others will appreciate and enjoy! (if you want to see the tutorial that helped me make my bunting its here at Handmade Harbour)

Happy crafting!

...and btw - if you are in the dark, as i was, about the fact that Etsy features different treasuries for different countries on its front page, you can adjust your location by going to 'your account' , then 'settings' - 'preferences' - 'region' - this information came courtesy of Shelley from Puddles And Pixies too - thanks Shelley!


  1. Woohoo, see I'm getting excited for you Natalie. It's fab to see your work being recognised and hopefully some new business! ;O)

    Now you've mentioned it, I'm away to see what it looks like...

    Cheery Xo

    1. thanks StitchMinx! it is a moral booster for sure :)

      i've had a LOT more visitors to my shop than usual which has to be good news on the business front!

  2. Wow, that is absolutely incredible. Congratulations for making it to front page. :)

    1. Thank you Ana! that's so kind of you to say :)

  3. Well done on making the front page - hope it leads to lots of business! Love the colours you've used on the bunting - it's gorgeous! And I'm happy my tutorial was a help to you - thanks for the mention x

  4. thanks Wendy!

    your tutorial is great :)


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