Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Home is...

Home is a special word that encapsulates both a profound sense of meaningful belonging and the promise of comfort and nurture. The protective embrace of home can also be stifling and restrictive, yet it seems to have a magnetic pull that draws us to re-create if not re-visit our experiences of it time and time again.

Home is something very close to my heart - even as a child my Mum used to call me a 'nest maker'!  I love things that make me feel 'at home', i love being in my home and i love making other people feel at home.

All of my crafty creations are intended to create a warm and loving 'homely' atmosphere, but my latest collection of cushions is particularly inspired by the idea of what home means - i am quite fascinated by this and would love to hear about what home means to you!

Here's what i came up with:

Good old GB...

I have to say that i have not historically been the most patriotic person (yearning more often for sunnier climes!) but these days there is quite a large place in my heart for my country of origin - perhaps its that 'magnetic pull' having more effect as i get older!! This cushion is very sensually pleasing as i have used luxurious red velvet, and a gorgeous deep piled blue corduroy as well as pretty rose patterned cotton - you can visit the listing in my shop for a closer look!

Whimsical country cottage...

Having completed my little trio of homey cushions my fascination with what home means compelled me to delve into the wonderful world of etsy - here is the treasure i found!

I was especially taken by Jackie Huang's 'Castle in the Sky' pop up card - just beautiful!

I also came upon this delightful treasury compiled by Yastikizi:

Such pretty nests!  I could quite happily move in :)

My final thought on this subject is a little somber... for not everyone has a lovely nest to snuggle up in. The homeless pull at a primal fear in us all, of having no-where to go, of not being wanted or fitting in - so we tend to reject them, block then out and walk by as if they don't exist - i'm not pretending i've never done this (even though i also donate to charities that help them). From now on though i will make sure to, at the very least, acknowledge those with nowhere to go when i pass them on the street - its a small gesture but it just might help them feel a bit more at home in the world.


  1. Welcome to the world of bloggers. Its a lovely world to puddle about in and a great one for inspiration which brings me neatly to 'I love your cushions'. I do enjoy aplique myself and know what goes into it. I have joined your following list - don't know if I am first or not as I forgot to look.
    Have fun

  2. Thanks so much Carol! I've followed you back :) I'm still pretty new to applique (although not as new as i am to blogging!) so you encouragement is much appreciated :)

    1. You will enjoy it although I have never done machine applique as I have only just acquired a machine capable of doing it. lol. Still sewing on by hand.

  3. Very lovely blog, love your treasury and love that I was featured as well!!! yay...
    All the best, Nora

  4. Thanks Nora :)

    love your blog too - especially the gardeny stuff! i'm following you now :)

    Your trinket dish is beautiful - incase people can't read it it is says 'what i love most about my home is who i share it with' - love!

  5. Home is being able to leave all of your tools and part finished projects lying about everywhere - to me.

  6. aahhh....lovely....very beautifully crafted cushions with TLC in abundance..X

  7. I have to agree totally with Names in Lights, I could quite happily close the doors and nestle in with all my craft projects!

    Thanks Natalie for writing a thoughtful Blogpost! ;O)

    1. home is where the art is :)

      thanks StitchMinx, that's kind of you to say :)

  8. this is a lovely blog posts about the meaning of home, I think youve summed it up very eloquently. My work has a real resonance with home too, its somewhere I love to be, and I love spending my time here and really appreciate I have somewhere to call 'home'
    Thanks for sharing your lovely homewares with us too, gorgeous!!

  9. thanks Sue! nice to hear from a fellow 'nest maker' :)

  10. A comment on behalf of David (the creator of the gorgeous wooden HOME sign at the top left of my treasury) apparently he had some trouble posting here but he contacted me through etsy to say:

    "I 100% agree with you that the very least we can do is just acknowledge the homeless. When I lived in NYC a homeless person once said it was the being ignored or "looked right through" that was harder than the rejection. I've tried ever since to respond and acknowledge them - even if my response is "I'm sorry sir I don't have any change."

    - thanks David :)


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