Friday, 23 March 2012

Business Cards

Woo hoo!  my lovely new business cards have arrived from 'moo'!

Okay so i didn't need new business cards as i still have plenty of the ones i ordered from them a couple of months back...

...but these one's were FREE :)

Moo are running a promotion right now especially for etsy sellers - the first 5000 people to order a pack of 50 business cards will get them for free! (bar postage which for me was £3.90). You can choose up to 50 different images for the front of your cards and even upload them straight from your etsy page! Click here for details.

You can still order their eco-friendly cards too which is great. The only difference between the free cards (on the left of this picture) and the ones i paid £34.90 for 100 of (on the right of this picture) is that you have to have the etsy logo on the front of the free ones.

To be honest though, that suits me just fine as i am going to be sending most of them here:

You can read all about it on the keep calm events blog but basically they are aiming to cover a table with 1088 stacks of business cards from etsy sellers - visitors will be able to take cards as the wish from the table during the day and there will also be press coverage. The aim is to raise awareness of etsy sellers in the UK and also to raise money for the Community Centre where Keep Calm and Craft On holds its workshops etc (to have your cards on the table they are asking for a donation of £2).

They suggest a minimum of 10 cards and a maximum of 100...  now i've just got to choose which one's to send..  decisions decisions!


It seems i will get ANOTHER 50 free Moo business cards when Keep Calm Events receive the cards i'm sending them for their 'Big Etsy Card Table' - a win win as far as i'm concerned as i love the idea of this event and am super happy to support it anyway!

Any etsy sellers reading - click here to join in!


  1. That's such a good offer Natalie, you got a bargain there! I tend to use Vistaprint at the moment, postage rates are about the same.

    What a great idea to raise funds isn't it? Good luck and hope it brings you some new customers.
    Cheery Xo

    1. i know! and i'm usually the last to catch on when there's a bargain around so i'm really chuffed :)

      yes i agree its an excellent idea - i've logged it in my brain in case i'm ever in a position to arrange something similar!

      N x

  2. That card looks really 3D on my screen. Are they really as good as they look. If so they are fantastic.

  3. they're great Carol - i'm really pleased with them :)

    some photos turn out better than others but because you can upload up to 50 images you end up with plenty to choose from!

    if you like you can email me your address and i'll send you one in the post to have a look at (i trust that you would hand it on to someone who might be at least moderately interested in my makes! :))

  4. This is superb card idea's....thanks for sharing...!!!


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