Sunday 22 November 2015

Winter Animals Christmas Bunting

In my last post i showed you this pic as a little teaser of some of the new range of festive bunting i've been working on, i hope you enjoy it in its full glory! :)

Winter Robins Bunting

My winter wonderland collection started a couple of years ago with a range of hand painted baubles.

Last year i adapted the range into six designs which i used on fabric,

This year i thought i'd add some festive bunting so i played around with the design print size a bit to create a string of winter robins bunting,

and one featuring all three Winter Wonderland animal designs.

They are available as a six flag string for £9 from my Etsy shop (i'm also happy to take custom requests for different lengths).

Watch this space next year for some more additions to the range! (There's also a couple more bits to show you next week :))

What have you been working on? I'm off on my regular trip over to Handmade Monday now to find out! x


  1. I love your winter range this year. You've captured the spirit of the season without referencing any specific religious celebration. Wonderful!

  2. The bunting is gorgeous. I have had a bit of a bunting week too. I love the big robin fabric, although I have a feeling that if I was looking at the actual bunting I would like the smaller design. The big robins just look so good on your blog.

  3. Wow, you've been busy. What a beautiful selection of items you have. The hand painted baubles are especially lovely.

  4. Lovely fabrics Natalie, the deer running through the snow and the robins are great for the whole winter season and not just for Christmas, they would look so good hanging in a conservatory.

  5. Your fabric and design is so lovely. And the bunting is gorgeous. It would look great for amy occasion, not just Xmas!

  6. dropped by to say "hi" from Handmade Monday, love your whole collection and how it's evolving - what do you have planned for next year I wonder?! - Chris @madebyChrissieD :D

  7. Love what you have done for the winter collection. Those buttons on clips are fantastic

  8. I love your winter collection, I particularly adore the Robin bunting, especially as Lucy's class at school are called Robins. I may have to get some for her teacher.


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