Sunday 12 July 2015

Under The Sea Fabrics

Hi all :) its been a while since i've updated my blog and i've missed it! Time has somehow run away with me with house guests and other summertime activities like picking the zillions of strawberries on our allotment... its a hard life ;) I also have a creative project in the works that i'm rather excited about - not quite ready for the big reveal yet though.

I do have some new fabric designs to show you though - the first of a new collection i've called 'Under The Sea' - i look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Blue Whale Mum And Baby Fabric

The first is a simple design featuring a blue whale mumma and her little one. I love blue whales, they look so peaceful floating through the deep :)

I've added a few bubbles for a bit of interest, do you think it matters that they're a bit out of proportion? They'd have to be tiny specs to reflect the true enormity of the blue whales!

This design isn't available to buy yet, i will launch the whole collection together when it is complete, but you can currently view the details over in my Spooflower shop.

Colourful Seahorses Fabric

Next i had fun in the colourful world of seahorses! As with all my designs i started by drawing and colouring the individual components,

before putting them together to create the completed design.

I've added some bubbles here too, i think they add a sense of movement and fun :)

This design is also available for closer inspection over in my Spoonflower shop.

Underwater Bubbles Fabric

Okay, so by this point i realised how much i love bubbles! I thought i'd better give them they're very own design - perfect for pairing with other watery fabrics for sea themed makes.

I started by drawing a simple bubble,

and then reduced the opacity so that as i overlapped the bubbles they could be seen behind each other for a more realistic effect.

This design is also available to view over on Spoonflower.

For now this is as far as i've got with the collection, although i have tonnes more ideas i'm itching to try out... It may be a week or two before i'm back to tell you about them though, that other creative project i mentioned is keeping me busy just now - i'm looking forward to telling you all about it soon!

So what has been getting your creative juices flowing this week? I'm looking over to popping over to Handmade Monday to find out :) x


  1. We saw humpback whales when.we were on holidays recently so i love your whale fabric! They're actually all quite gorgeous!

    1. Aww that must have been lovely :) Thank you very much! x

  2. I like them both. I think they will both be popular. A knitted seahorse is on my list of projects to get to one day.

  3. Welcome back x
    I'm loving the new collection and looking to see more of the designs as you add them. The bubbles are fab too ○°

    1. Aww thank you! Hehe, i'm glad you like them too :) x

  4. I love them all and can imagine made into quilts, love the whales the best as something so graceful about these animals

    1. Thank you, that 's something i'd love to have a go at. Yes they're so lovely aren't they :) x

  5. What a great collection. I love the seahorse design, really bright and colourful.

  6. I love seahorses, in fact I love anything nautical. These fabrics would be great to make quilt covers to beach bags and everything in between. :)

  7. I love the bubbles! Super cute! These would go together in a lovely quilt. xxx


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