Sunday 3 August 2014

More Pumpkin Pincushions And New Notecards For Handmade Monday

I've had a busy week fulfilling customer orders (isn't it funny how they all come at once!). I do have a few new makes to share with you today though and i'm continuing the autumnal them of last week's post...

Pumpkin Pincushions

Thank you for all the lovely comments about my pumpkin pincushion last week, i rather liked it too so i've used some more fabric swatches from my Autumn Naturally collection to make a couple more.

One features my squirrel and hazelnut fabrics...

...and the other features my autumn leaves fabrics in two different colourways.

As before i had fun photographing them with some real life squashes too :)

The one i showed you last week with the spotty fabrics is now available to buy from my website, Etsy shop and other outlets priced £4.50. The others will be joining it soon!

New Notecards

I have also listed three new notecards in my shops this week, i look forward to hearing your thoughts on them :)

First is this one featuring my garden tools design (also available to buy printed on fabric from my Spoonflower shop). I'm really pleased with how it looks, as always the print quality from Moo is superb.

Next is the latest of my nature art cards. As soon as i saw this leaf, i knew i had to try and capture its beauty in a photograph. I'm really happy that all the detail comes across in the image and also the amazing bronze colour.

Last but not least is this card featuring a cotswold stone bridge with a sparkling river running beneath. Its in the most beautiful spot, i hope the magic comes across in the photograph.

As with all my cards, these are available from my website and Etsy shop priced £1.99 (or £1.75 if you buy more than one).

And that's it from me for this week! What have you been up to? I'm off over to Handmade Harbour now to find out :)


  1. Liking all your makes. The pincushions are lovely - I like the leaf one best, and I think your bronze leaf card is stunning. This could be just because I always go for flowers, trees and nature!

    Have a lovely crafting week, Alison

  2. Beautiful notecards, as always, and I love your pincushions, they are very cute with great fabric too.

  3. I love your pumpkin pincushions, and your leaf card design:) really nice, have a good week, Vicky

  4. The pumpkins are wonderful, love the little stalks. Beautiful cards as usual, your images are so crisp, it looks like you could just pick up the leaf.
    Have a crafty week.
    Ali xx

    1. Aww thank you Ali, i'm really glad you like them! x

  5. I love your pumpkin pin cushions they look so much fun, you cards are beautiful, I especial love the leaf, as an allotmenteer I adore your note books, right up my street x

    1. Thank you very much Dawn :)

      Snap! Allotments are great fun aren't they :) x

  6. Lots of really lovely makes - the pin cushions are soooo gorgeous. The card you have created with the photograph of the bridge is beautiful. Hope you have a good week.

    1. Aww thank you very much! I'm glad you like them :) You too! x

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  8. Love those pumpking, gorgeous little fellas!
    The fabric you used are great too!
    well done!

  9. Lovely pincushions. Hopefully those Autumn colours don't come along until we've enjoyed all this Summer heat though.


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