Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Pressies For The Queen On Her Jubilee!

Are you in the mood for celebrating the Jubilee yet?! I've got some gorgeous creations to share with you in a moment that are bound to get you in the swing, but first, a question:

Madame Tussauds's is giving the Queen (or rather her waxwork) a £150, 000 makeover as part of the celebrations for her Diamond Jubilee and Michael Grove thinks she should get a new Royal yacht! But what i'd like to know is: What would you give the Queen as a Jubilee pressie? (let me know in the comments!)

Here's some fun ideas to get you thinking of what one might purchase her majesty on a more moderate budget... :)

'Pressies For The Queen' 

















The Jubilee has certainly got some people's creative juices flowing just look at these lovelies!

'Jubilee Pretties!' 

















I bet your ready to deck the house out in Union Jack bunting and get a street party going now!!

I hope you've enjoyed this bit of British fun... all treasury items are clickable so do do some favouriting back on Etsy if anything catches your eye - spread that Jubilee lovin' :) 

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  1. fab blog we are ready to party

  2. Very beautiful treasuries. Our road is having a street party. They have it every year. It's a wonderful opportunity to come together and get to meet to mingle with the neighbours.

    1. what a great idea! that must be so much fun :)

      thanks for commenting x

  3. Great blog, love your finds but as to what I would give the Queen, what do you give the woman who has everything? Maybe a day in my life as I am sure she could do with a change lol! come to think of it so could I so maybe we could swap lives for a day!

    1. good thinking! you'd probably both have an amazing time... :) a change is as good as a rest as they say!


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