Wednesday 16 May 2012

Lindsey Harris On Garden Collage Photography And Her Etsy Shop 'A Peaceful Leaf'

"I never noticed the beauty of leaves before... Now i'm having so much fun being amazed by nature." Lindsey Harris, 2012

White Mum and Maple Leaf Composition

How I Found 'A Peaceful Leaf'

The name of Lindsey's Etsy Shop 'A Peaceful Leaf' caught my eye one day as i was busily skimming the Etsy forums - the serenity of nature has great appeal for me so i clicked... what i discovered in her shop was a mesmerising array of photographs featuring beautiful compositions of flowers and foliage the likes of which i'd never seen before.

Cheerful Pink Rose 

Lindsey combines a gift for artistic display (she has a Bachelor's degree in interior design) with an appreciative eye for the intricacies of nature's own beauty to create her photographs which are not only exquisitely beautiful but also rather magical.

Love Letters

Lindsey's Story

In her own words, this is the story behind 'A Peaceful Leaf' and Lindsey's beautiful photographs. (All image captions are clickable).

Finding 'Garden Collage'

"Out of nowhere, at the end of last summer, i started taking pictures of flowers from my garden because I knew they would soon be gone. My husband collected flowers as well and he put some different things together; like one flower inside another. And, with that, he inspired me. I couldn’t stop taking photos… I was having so much fun!

Spring Blossoms In Tulip Petal Vases

Leaves In A New Light 

"I never noticed the beauty of leaves before. Leaves were always just a chore to rake, etc. Now I am having so much fun being amazed by nature. No two leaves are the same, just like snowflakes. Last autumn when I saw leaves fall and get moldy or turn so many different colors, it was like a new awareness. It’s exciting to see so many shapes and textures. I enjoy assembling beautiful gifts from the universe in different ways. There is no right or wrong and all nature works together perfectly!The photos just happen. Actually, it feels like I’m not even the one creating them."

Pink Sweet Pea With Leaves And A Ribbon Of Burrs


Love Spelled With Natural Elements

"Life with my husband is beautiful, fun, and a great environment where I can be myself...Since I lost my job (a blessing), I have more time to notice and be thankful for the beautiful things on earth. I love when my rescued pug, Ruby Ann, walks me and I collect things along the way. During our walks, we feel happy about how everything has worked out for each of us!"

Etsy Shop

As many of you will be aware, creating beautiful things is only a first step towards establishing a successful business selling them, and on the 1st of January this year (2012) Lindsey took another important step in this direction by listing her photographs on Etsy. She chose this beautiful image for her Etsy avatar and shop banner...  

Orange Daisy With Brown Leaf

...and gave her shop its lovely name...

"I have a peaceful life now and take many photos that include leaves. So, i decided to call my Etsy shop 'A Peaceful Leaf'."

If you have a moment to spare i highly recommend taking a stroll through the wonderland that is A Peaceful LeafI am sure that she would also love to hear your thoughts on her work (which you are welcome to share by commenting on this post).

As for the future of this wonderful artistic enterprise, this is what Lindsey had to say when i asked her about her ambitions:

"I want to continue being surprised by nature, have fun creating with all the beautiful things around me, and hopefully make people smile with my photos. Love is everywhere!"

Thank Yous!

I'd like to say a big thank you to Lindsey for taking the time to share her world for this feature, for brightening my day with her exquisite photographs, and for opening my eyes to the beauty of leaves which i will never look at in the same way again!

And thank you to you for visiting my blog today, it is always so lovely to see you :)


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