Sunday 27 September 2015

Christmas Gift Wallets

Well i've started getting a few festive orders from some Christmas shopping early birds so it seems reasonable to start sharing a few Christmassy bits with you... (my apologies if even mentioning Christmas in September is entirely unreasonable in your view, i quite understand, its a funny old world we live in! :))

Personalised Christmas Gift Wallets

Do you remember the seed packet gift wallets i shared with you a few weeks ago? Well i've come up with a Christmassy version with gifts of money/tickets/vouchers in mind (or any small gift you'd like to make a bit more special - including seed packets of course!)

There are three designs to choose from, each decorated with a different applique design including a cotton panel personalised with the recipient's name.

Inside each wallet is a colourful fabric pouch for your gift as well as a brown paper panel for you to write a special message to the recipient.

They are priced £5.99 and are available to buy now from my Etsy shop. As always i look forward to hearing what you think of them!

Are you crafting for Christmas yet? I'm off over to Handmade Monday to find out! :)


  1. I think they're brilliant. I hate just putting money/gift card in an envelope, so these would be ideal. You should make some perfect for birthdays too.

  2. Very cute. I like the little robin best.

  3. This is such a sweet idea, I love making little gift wallets for gift cards rather than the ones they come with, I like the idea to pop money in them too.

  4. A brilliant idea and can be used each year. The little birdie is so cute

  5. What a fantastic idea!! Money and vouchers are so boring aren't they but with your little wallets it will make it far more exciting!! Xx

  6. As always very stylish, makes the gift of money classy!!

  7. They look very festive and so much nicer than just money in a card. As an alternative to gift card in a pretty envelope these are perfect as young people in our family often prefer money to gift cards and these satisfy the givers' needs to feel as if it's stil a present!

    1. Thank you very much, i'm glad you think so :) x


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