Sunday, 21 July 2013

Bamboo Fleece Hot Water Bottle Cover And Running Whippet Fabric For Handmade Monday

Thank you to all who left lovely comments about my cosy cat blanket and dog hanger last week - as always, your kind words were much appreciated :)

This week's makes kind of lead on from last week's so hopefully you will like them too!

Organic Fleece Sleeping Cat Hot Water Bottle Cover

There were a few requests for a human sized version of the last week's cat blanket (made or gorgeously soft organic bamboo fabric). I didn't have enough fabric left over to make a large blanket so instead of buying in more just yet i thought i'd make something equally snuggly and cosy - a hot water bottle cover!

Before you ask, yes i have noticed that temperatures are currently soaring outside! Its a crafters job to think ahead though, consider this the start of my 'winter collection' :)

The applique cat matches the blanket - how cute to be coordinated in cosiness with your kitty!

It is available now from my Etsy shop and other outlets, priced £20.

Running Whippet Fabric

This is a cushion design i came up with quite a while back,

when i was excitedly anticipating the arrival of my very own little whippet puppy, River, who is all grown up now... and of course, loves to run!

They are such beautiful creatures to watch, and seeing as the cushion has been one of my most popular, i thought it was high time i had a go at designing a running whippet fabric!

As always i started out by photographing some of my drawings.

I then used a photo editor to adjust colours etc and added the swirly 'go faster stripes' - lining them up to create a cohesive pattern was the hardest bit but i got there in the end!

First i created a pattern with colours matching the original cushion cover,

then i added this 'girlier' one.

I'm really happy with how they've turned out and i'm so looking forward to making things with them!

They are the first of my 'Dashing Dogs' collection. I'll be adding more designs over the next few weeks - not all whippets i promise! :)  If you'd like to be notified when these designs are for sale just let me know and i'll keep you updated.

Handmade Monday

Okay Handmade Mondayers, i know some of you enjoy my little games, so here's one to get your creative juices flowing...

I'm lucky enough to be harvesting some very tasty home grown fruit and veg from our garden and allotment at the moment - every day there is a little collection of goodies waiting in the kitchen to be turned into something delicious for supper! Here's an example from one night this week...

...what would you make with these goodies? I'll tell you what i made next time!

I'm off to Handmade Harbour now to see this week's superb crafting - do pop along if you've never visited!

Thanks for dropping by :) x


  1. Your cushion is lovely. Such an unusual design xx

  2. I love the fact, that it's been the hottest summer in UK yet and I see you are making hot water bottle covers! As somebody, who can't sleep without a bed socks, I really like your thinking! Anyway, love the whippet design too...

    1. Hehe :) i know, i do feel a little crazy doing it!

      thank you very much! x

  3. Love your whippet cushion. Very pretty.

    Does it have to me one dish. I would probably try to make a summer pudding, and then a salad - with a bit of padding out from the store cupboard.

    1. thank you!

      oh yum, i love summer pudding :) it can be as many dishes as you like - it really would be a challenge to get them all into one! :)

  4. I haven't used bamboo fleece, it looks lovely and soft though! Not sure what all the ingredients would make but they look nice and fresh!

    1. its a really gorgeous fabric, i'm sure you would love it :)

      thank you! they are! x

  5. I love your hot water bottle cover - even if it is far too hot at the moment. Thanks for sharing how you create some of your fabric too, you are very creative.

    1. hehe :) thank you!

      you're welcome! i'm really glad you found it interesting :) xx

  6. Oh I bet your hot water bottle cover is wonderful to cuddle. More wonderful fabric. I expect River is thrilled with it.
    Your veg collection looks delicious. I think you'd find them placed inside my juicer. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

    1. it is v cuddly :)

      hehe :) thank you!

      oooh yum, that sounds delicious, i think if i had a juicer i'd be putting everything through it! x

  7. beautiful designs. you're always so productive! it amazes me! :)

    1. thank you Martha!

      i don't feel that way but i'm glad you think so! :)


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