Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Beautiful Blogger!

I recently received the rather exciting news from Claire of Lottie Of London that she had nominated me for the beautiful blogger award! (Claire's blog is home to fascinating insights into the world of polymer clay jewellery making as well as lots of images of her lovely creations - well worth a visit!) 

Turquoise Rose Bracelet By lottie Of London

I am super chuffed that she thinks my blog is worthy of such a lovely accolade.. thank you Claire! x

Sharing The Love

The other fantastic news is that i get to share the love now and nominate seven more blogs to receive the award. So, here goes...

All of these bloggers do what they do very beautifully and their blogs are full of crafty inspiration and beautiful things!

Random Facts

The next part of accepting the award is to let you know seven things about myself. So...

1 My favourite pudding is blackberry and apple crumble (this is on my mind as i have eaten so many over the last few weeks!)

2 Chocolate is a very necessary part of my days (i'm writing this while i'm hungry so all facts are likely to be food related :))

3 I'm sooooooooo hungry i'm going to make myself some lunch!

4 That's better! Okay, fact four is that i grew up in the South East of England then moved to the South West to study for a degree here and never left

5 I guess five is that i have a degree - yay! (in creative writing)

6 I'm a trackies and snuggly jumper kind of girl... i like to dress for comfort and one of my favourite things about working from home is that its very easy to do this!

7 My absolute favourite TV program at the moment is The Great British Bake Off - it is so upsetting that the series ends next week!

aaaaaaaand we're back to food again :)

Thanks for stopping by! x

p.s. There is a rather fun link up going on over at A Cat Like Curiosity today so well worth a visit if you fancy making some new bloggy friends!


  1. Yay! Yay! Yay! Thanks so much :)


  2. What a lovely surprise! Thank your very much for your lovely blog award. I accepted it and blogged about it in my recent post :) x x

    1. you're very welcome :) thanks Martha! x

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