Friday, 24 August 2012

CRAFTfest - Jewellery Shopping

From the 1st to the 8th of September, CRAFTfest (online craft selling extravaganza organised by crafters network, Creative Connections) is THE place to be if you have any kind of an interest in handcrafted goods! If you're a maker, come and have a look around - you could get yourself a stall for the November CRAFTfest, and maybe do some shopping while you're at it! If you like to buy handmade then all i can say is that you do not want to miss this event :)

Recently i've been showcasing some of the gorgeous must see stalls (you can shop from them already by the way) and this week i'm going to be sharing some beautiful jewellery with you - it is a popular category and there is so so much more than this lovely collection to explore!

 Jewellery Stalls On CRAFTfest 


Visit Daniblu's CRAFTfest Stall

'Lo Designs'

Visit Lo Designs' CRAFTfest Stall

'Sprinkles And Sparkles'

Visit Sprinkles And Sparkles CRAFTfest Stall

'Dream Of Silver'

Visit Dream Of Silver's CRAFTfest Stall

If this has got you intrigued about what other handcrafted beauties may await you over at CRAFTfest, then here are some links to more of my favourites...

CRAFTfest Links Of Loveliness

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