Wednesday, 11 July 2012

What is your favourite song of all time?

I was filling out a questionnaire yesterday and one of the questions was 'what is your favourite song of all time?' For me, as for many of you i expect, this is an impossible question to answer! Within a few minutes i had a list of twelve or so that i couldn't possibly choose between and that was before i'd really thought about it...

So... the answer box is still blank on that one, but i did have a lovely little trip down memory lane thinking about my top tunes. Reflecting on some of my choices also got me wondering about that sparkle of magic that takes an artist's creation from being nice to something really special, so i thought i'd share a performance that i think has that special sparkle on my blog today (along with some beautiful handcrafted items from Etsy to accompany the soundtrack).

This is the first time i've used a you tube video on my blog, and depending on how it goes, i may make it a regular feature... let me know what you think!

For Emma

This a spontaneous cappella version of 'For Emma' sung by the amazing Bon Iver in a hallway in Paris before a house show. I love this type of organic, spontaneous creativity - genuine talent expressing inspiration with an endearingly humble confidence. Magic.

'Spontaneous Song In Paris' 

















I hope you have enjoyed all the creativity on display here today, i know i have! All treasury items are clickable so do take a closer look at anything that catches you eye :)

Have a wonderful wednesday! x


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