Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Happy Handmade Home

There is something about hand made that creates a warm fuzzy feeling inside me. Whether its home baked cookies, or wheel thrown serving bowls, the love, care and individual attention that goes into making something by hand seems to shine forth from the finished object - its tangible, its heart warming and also somehow reassuring in our throw away society where so many things are treated with casual disregard, both during production and ownership.

A home filled with handmade things, crafted with care and attention, is a happy place to be. At least that's what i think. What do you think?

'Happy Handmade Home' 


















  1. Lovely Treasury, and i love the thought behind it too. Handmade is so much more loving than mass produced.
    I bet the cookies were yummy.

    Donna x

    1. thanks Donna :)

      cookies were yummy! x

  2. Love home made treasures too! Thank you for this nice treasury and post!

    1. thank you for commenting!

      i'm glad you enjoyed the post :) x


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