Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Sweet Treats

A slice of cake from the scrumptuously fantastic 'I Am Baker' blog

There is nothing quite like a tastey morsel of sweet deliciousness (or two!) to brighten even the dullest day - just talking about my favourite baking and confectionary puts a smile on my face...

... chocolate chip cookies, carrot cake, apple pie, flap jacks, greek almond biscuits, chocolate brownies.....

... see, i'm smiling already! :)

As you may have guessed, today's post is all about the wonderful subject of sweet treats (do let me know what your favourites are in the comments). There is a bit of a thread running through my mid-week posts at the moment which have recently featured coffee and tea themes, so it seems only right and fitting to talk about scrummy yummy sweet stuff today!

These subjects are, of course, close to my heart - if you have been following my Handmade Monday posts you will already have seen my pre-occupation with delightfully comforting eats and drinks translated to this mug and saucer design.

Warming Words Mug And Saucer

I am not alone in finding this subject a source of creative inspiration though, and i have have put together this collection of wonderfully mouth watering and totally beautiful items from some fellow Etsy artisans for your viewing pleasure! (everything is clickable)

'Sweet Treats' 

















That's got you taste buds tingling hasn't it!! Don't forget to let me know about your favourite sweet treats in the comments... thanks for dropping by! x


  1. I am an ice cream girl. Hands down! What a fun post! Too bad my diet starts today. Haha

    1. why start today what you can put off 'till tomorrow! sorry, that's not very supportive is it... :)

      Ice cream is yum, especially home made :) x

  2. Oh, great post, great pics, great treasury... and now I'm hungry! I love some nice wet chocolate cake, a cheesecake, or a lemon pie, and I could go on and on!
    BTW Natalie, your blog is lovely :)

    1. thanks Raquel! :)

      completely with you on the chocolate cake, yum :) and looooooooove lemon pie!

  3. Oh Natalie, what a subject to talk about!!

    So to while away some time reading blogs and allegedly working, somehow a pack of Walkers Shortbread and a mug of hot Builders Tea fills the gap...

    1. ooooooh yum! i could just go a round of that right now, i'm starving! :)

  4. Oh, and while I'm drinking coffee as well! I made some brownies this weekend - they were the gooiest things ever, you needed a spoon to eat them.... apparently though my girls said they were the best ever, so that's not too bad!

    1. your brownies sound absolutely delicious!

      its always nice when baking gets the family seal of approval isn't it :) x

  5. Just to let you know- I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award. Don't feel obliged to take part if you don't want to, but I wanted to include your blog in my links!


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