Tuesday, 22 May 2012

GB Runs On Tea :)

Large GB Tea Mug

A Nation Of Tea Drinkers, Or Are We...?

I do love a good cuppa, in fact, i'm not sure i'd get nearly as much done without my favourite brew to sip along the way! Whilst reflecting on this, i was inspired to create the mug pictured above (caption clickable). As you can see, i am under the impression that tea is loved by lots of us Brits - we're renowned for it after all! But is it really true... are we a nation of tea drinkers...?!

I'm intrigued to find out, so here's a couple of questions for you (feel free to answer too non Brits!) Do you love tea? and if so what is your favourite brew?

My Favourite Tea

The Tea House Emporium, Bath

Today, whilst running errands in Bath, i stopped by the wonderful Tea House Emporium on New Bond Street to stock up on my absolute favourite tea. There are so many amazing teas and tea related goodies i could browse in the shop for hours, and there is also a Tea Room downstairs, for more prolonged sampling and relaxation. However, today i was on the hop, so just had time to pick up my special yummy tea.

Now before i tell you what it is, i must stress that i do enjoy a lovely cup of builders tea (what we call regular tea around here!) and i'm also pretty partial to delicious bergamoty Earl Grey. However, since tasting white tea, i have never looked back, it is so completely delicious! It has none of the bitterness of black or even green tea so you don't need milk (i'm not a milk fan so good news for me) and the flavour is wonderfully subtle and morish. My favourite is one called Snow Buds, its not cheap, but its worth ever penny!

Treasury Of Tea

In the mood for further celebrating the British love affair with tea, i have put together a collection of handcrafted tea related loveliness from some of the wonderful British sellers on Etsy. All items are clickable!

















Well... tea time is over... better get back to work i suppose!!

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. You can't beat a cup of Tetley!

  2. I agree! It has to be Tetleys!

    1. thank's Sam :)

      you're making me want to have a cup now!

  3. I hate tea, but i am the only person i know who doesn't drink tea so maybe i'm an odd bod lol.
    I posted on my blog today about some butning i made using a fabric with tea cups on, we must of been on the same thought train, spooky ;).

    Donna x

    1. my other half will only drink fruit tea (which isn't really tea) so you're not alone Donna!

      i love your tea cup bunting btw :)

  4. Love all your painted side plates down below! The mug sums up us brits perfectly. Hugs Mrs A.

  5. I must confess I'm feeling a bit Union Jacked-out what with everybody going Jubilee mad, but I do actually really like your mug Natalie- there's something cosy about teabags!
    I do like a cup of Yorkshire Tea, and Twinings is quite nice too. My sister bought me a beautiful floral tea called 'Flore de Valle' which smells incredible- like you could bathe in it, and has beautiful blue and pink petals in it.

    1. I know what you mean about the Union Jack overload - i quite like it used in design in moderation but i must have seen hundreds walking around Bath yesterday and it was a bit overwhelming - even a domestic appliance shop had a Union Jack towel coming out a washer drier in their window display!!

      I'm glad you like my mug though :) tea bags do have that 'hug in a mug' cosiness don't they :)

      All your teas sound scrummy :) and its nice to have a variety so you can suit your mood i think x

  6. I think GB does run on tea! It is the answer to all ills! But not sure everyone would agree! Me and my friends are split more or less 50:50 on who drinks tea and who desn't!
    Off to have a cup of Earl Grey with lemon right now!

    1. that sounds delicious! especially on a hot day like today :)

      thanks for dropping by Helen :) x

  7. It's funny! You really realise how much the British love their tea when you are coming back from holidays abroad ;)
    Coming back from Italy last week, the airline was making some good money selling tea. At €2.60 a cup, there were even people having seconds.
    I will definitely try white tea, sound really good :) I love also a good jasmine tea.

    1. ha! so true :) i definitely miss good tea when i'm away!

      I love Jasmine tea too, when i'm in the right mood for it.. i think it suits sunny days :)

  8. I only drink black tea if I have to :D. My son loves it and when visiting him in USA always have to take a large supply of PG tips for him. I adore coffee, filtered and couldn't live without my Senseo coffee machine for ease of use.

    1. thanks Denise! its funny the things you miss when you're abroad isn't it :)


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