Sunday, 29 April 2012

Feeling Lucky!

Wet Wet Wet...

Its been a funny old week. Its been wet, windy and grey, the kitchen ceiling is leaking and my recently pleasant dog walks have turned into a hunched trudge through the windswept and sodden landscapes of Wiltshire... and yet i feel lucky, reaaaaaaaally lucky :)

...more on why soon!

I have been making some lovely Summery things but they will have to remain under wraps for now as the weather has been far too gloomy to photograph them properly. It seems that the whole of Britain is having a pretty wet time of it right now (whilst simultaneously having drought warnings and hosepipe bans - only in this country!!). At least it gives us all something to talk about eh!

So, my make for this week's Handmade Monday is this mug which i've decorated with porcelain enamel paints... here's some more views of it!

I'm loving the generous proportions of these mugs which i took a delivery of this week - expect to see more of them in my shop soon, i've got some fun ideas of how to decorate the rest!

Lady Luck!

So why am i feeling so lucky..?

Some of you may remember me mentioning that i was planning a giveaway with a group of craft bloggers involved and lots of lovely handcrafted prizes - The Circle of Love Handcrafted Giveaway - well, its started! The prizes are fabulous and i'm really grateful to the fantastic bloggers who have decided to get involved :)

If you'd like to enter you can click here. If you'd like to be a participating blog, drop me an email - there's still time!

(p.s. Some of the contributors to the Circle of Love Giveaway are from the US and so operating in a different time zone - if you find that their giveaway posts aren't published yet i would suggest leaving your comment on the current post! :) )

The whole idea of the giveaway is to generate positive connectivity between crafters and people interested in crafting - hence 'The Circle Of Love' - this is something i really believe in, that if you put love out into the world then you attract some good vibes back..

..and guess what...?!!

A couple of hours after starting the Circle of Love Giveaway i got an email from Penny (of the fantastic Planet Penny blog) saying that i'd won her giveaway!!!

Her adorable and beautifully crafted sheep, Goldie, is coming to live with me!! :)

I can't tell you how chuffed i am, or how much i already adore Goldie (those of you who read my coaster post last Monday will have clocked that i'm a bit of a sheep fan! :) )

I put a lot of time and love into making the heart garland that i'm giving away in the Circle of Love, and little Goldie is also going to forever act as a reminder to me that when i give, the universe gives back. Its a great feeling :)

On that note i'm going to hand you over to the rest of the Handmade Monday crew - expect much talk of the weather :) and some fabulous crafting tales and talent!


  1. Well done on your win and love the mug the wording is so apt

  2. Love that mug and I can fully see where your inspiration came from! Congrats on your new family member (Goldie) - she is adorable and well-deserved. It's true about giving.

  3. Congratulations, I am very jealous that Goldie is coming to live with you! You would love the sheep ribbon that I bought this weekend at WonderWool!
    The mug made me laugh a lot! How true!
    Isn't it great that actually the world is full of lovely people in spite of everything we see and read to the contrary!

    1. thank you! :)

      Wonder Wool sounds amazing! right up my street :)

      I completely agree, the world really is full of lovely people :)

  4. Well done on winning Goldie. As least she won't need walking!

  5. Congratulations on your win! I love the mug, I can see everyone falling for that one!

  6. I love that Mug "Great Britain - Home of Interesting Weather". How true, I noticed you stopped by and saw what it did to our boat! Interesting is not quite what I was calling the weather on Sunday.

    Thanks for following, am reciprocating!

    1. yeah, i think i'd have to change that to 'extreme weather' for you!!

      thanks for the follow :) x

  7. Oh yes you can put up with the weather now that you have Goldie! What a great win. :) BTW on the weather front, even "Sunny Florida" has been sodden the past week and our roof, which was fixed last fall started leaking again! Into my craft room. :( They fixed it yesterday, so I hope it's all done with. I do NOT LIKE wet weather, being a desert girl myself.
    BTW, love the cup. The old saying about TX (my home state) is "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute, it will change!" :)

    1. Oh no that's not good! I hope none of your crafting materials got damaged...

      It is oddly comforting to know that its even been wet in Florida :) at least we're not suffering alone!

      i hope its sunny again with you soon! x

  8. I love the mug!
    The Union Jack design is gorgeous :)

  9. Congratulations on the win- she is gorgeous!
    Love the mug, very patriotic.



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